Saturday, 31 October 2009

PDA - our future is here...

Not for long will be be recieving print or e-mails to print off vouchers/coupons or offers, already in Japan we can track who opens and who scrolls down their screen to read detail or ads, new ideas emerge , as in Google Map, where voice recognition allows you say "pizza" and up pops the most convenient location to where your hand held is located, think now you say "best pizza offer" and we have a new dimension in capturing customers thru offers or discounts.Pixel to photographic recognition is here and all products will carry a picture or pixel image that holds ingredient details, CRM programs. Think not then Google pixel bar codes and see what Mc Donalds have successfully trialled in Japan. In phone purchase System UK and US a little behind even Kenya, where you can buy mineral water to cars on the is well advanced here too where pixel and bar codes are "spammed" then in store infra red will read code and recognise customer with full user details..think loyalty, CRM, Tribe Advantage...Tesco in UK think in 5-10 years all EPOS systems will be redundant...I can see that from whats happening in Africa, Japan and even Finland re PDA usage to purchase...we in are about to launch pre pay pre order by phone...along with tracking our marketing hits via that tiny screen...moving away from loyalty via paper card or plastic to PDA friendly applications...Pizza Hut generated £1m in sales over 3 months with their new Apps, the Widget gets launched here in 30 days (open ended apps for all phones)...get on board or get left behind..
Clearly changes are happening, from viral marketing, (see previous blog on Local Marketing Made Easy) to the way we want to recieve information, a pixel code carries far more detail, so photograph the image, send it to a Brands Head Quarters and get ingredient details, ethenticity statements, traceability, Company CRM position...everything you need...this saves on print runs and changes on packaging costs re reprint or recipe changes as the pixel is constant, just the details posted/e-mailed back...only 1 in 20 of us actually study ingredients in depth, so those "in need " can send off for full disclosures.

The PDA will be our cash, our credit card, our loyalty scheme and our security access (In Japan the bar code on your PDA gets you into your hotel room via infra red reader) it will come, it will be exciting..but hard paper tickets and cash will be with us as a balance I am this space..moving food takes on a new dimension...

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