Monday, 11 August 2014

The Food Thinking

I read today that Screenagers 3.4 m of them , 13-18 year olds are on screen, on mobiles and are wanting to start their own business (70% of them) Their attention span is only 8 seconds mind you, down from 12 seconds 3 years ago ..let's see what business can make profit when you spend 8 seconds a day on it.

We are busy with the thinking mans peanut butter, Wowbutter ( working now on a nut-free satay and launching a peanut tasting but nut-free protein bar.
The powered liquorice for sauces, meat dishes and baking are beginning to add intrigue to the multiple supermarket buyers and Food Service chefs ( ) alike, will they find space to sell it to consumers, we shall see!

Tried freeze dried rhubarb last week in several recipes, after Mary Berry commented on free dried raspberry powered for baking, very impressed in the rhubarb; I can see this for smoothies, cupcakes to even adding to pork gravy...

Smoked Water and Smoked Herbs & Spices using a new technique that is not carcinogenic will change the world of smoked lead sauces and ingredients, love this range and smoked water has a ring to it for enhancing meat and vegetable dishes.

That's my 40 seconds done, phew I am exhausted and lost the teenagers 32 seconds ago...

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Food Thinking

The Food Thinker

Moving Food Ltd gets involved in loads of new products and ideas, boy I have seen food related recipes and products that I thought just would not fly and they did; equally the products we are proud of like Wowbutter ( ) that has evolved into a Wowbutter Satay and a Wowbutter Protein be launched in September 2014 , came from spotting a trend.

We are busy with freeze dried fruits and a unique powered liquorice for baking or for meat sauces/recipes.(  all on trend that's to Mary Berry and others.
We are looking at cassava root flours for a great gluten free ingredient for thickening sauces to holding gluten free breads together, to a gluten free tortilla.

I read today that 13-19 year olds attention spans are circa 8 seconds, 70 % want to start a business and now known a Screenagers, due to the time they spend on mobiles and ipads. Well that's the end of my blog for that group then!

For you researcher types who are still reading this, if you are thinking food, think weird and think internet (on line businesses) through Amazon (a good start) or from home with direct mailing of your product range. The fastest growing way to start your own business is on line...

All for now have to go to get my garri you look that one up!